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Starting a Club

If you are interested in starting a NEW LCHS Club/Activity here are the requirements:

1. Must have a La Cueva Staff member to be the advisor

2. Must have 10 founding members

3. Must fill out the registration form

4. Must submit a Constitution (Bi-laws, rules, etc.) to your sponsor as well as Activities Director, Mrs. Metzger

5. .  All paperwork, and school approval must be completed by the end of the 1st 6 weeks. 

Clubs & Activities

Asian American Student Union
Kathleen Adriano
Asian Student Union
Caitlin Craft
John Converse 
Room: A7
Big Bad Bear Band Website 

Be The One Activate
Caitlin Craft
Room: F16

Best Buddies
Marisa Cogan
Room: C5
Google Meet: Unifiedbestbuddies
Remind: @74kgahe

Big Brothers, Big Sisters                     
Kacey Bielek                                                    

Black Student Union
Lansing Freeman
Room: G8

Regina Caller
Room: C19

Chess Club
Emily Clauss
Room: A6 
Google Meet: LC Chess

Katherine Green
Room: A8
Choir Website 

Coding Club
Yolanda Lozano
Room: G5

Yolanda Lozano
Room: G5

Richard Faulkner and Terri Jones 
Rooms: G9 (Faulkner) and G3 (Jones)
La Cueva DECA Website

Diversity Club
Trey Saxon
Room: C1

Steve Pinzone 
Room: A1

Dance - Las Ositas
Yvonne Shafer - Coach
Las Ositas Website

Dungeons and Dragons
Gea Hantzopolous
Room: C6 
Google Meet: LCDAD

Nicholas Romero

English National Honor Society     
Kevin Balder                                                   
Room: C27

Environmental Club
Rosie Hood and Doug Mattson
Rooms: C28 (Hood) and C51 (Mattson)
Google classroom: uilay7h
Remind: dchcge

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)
Marisa Cogan
Room: C5

Film Club

Rosemary Hood 

French Club
Ginger Rinaldi
Room: C23

French Honor Society
Ginger Rinaldi
Room: C23

GSA - Gender Sexuality Alliance
Gerri Barnhart
Room: Library
Google Classroom: gos6wt6

German Club
Cathy Gamble
Room: C16

Girls Who Code                                       
Yolanda Lozano                                             
Room: G5 
Google Classroom: xt66ia2

Cecilie Bodman 

Jazz Band
John Converse - Band Director
Room: A7
Big Bad Bear Band Website 

Key Club
Ron Neuser 
Room: F3
Remind: @lacuevakc

Make-A-Wish Club
Ashley Keilbarth
Room: C8
Google Meet: LCMakeAWish
Remind: @de6f4d8 

Math National Honor Society
Kim Conell
Room: F12
Remind: @lchsmhs




Model UN
Greg Shaw
Room: C15
Remind: @lcmun2020

Muslim Student Association (MSA)
Paige Brannum 

Native American Student Union
Stacy Jenkins
Google Meet: Nasulchs

NHS: National Honor Society
Casey Soto
Rebecca Simons 
Room: A10
Orchestra Website

Philosophy Club
Michael Sanchez
Room: C50
Remind: @lchsphi

Ping Pong
Emily Clauss
Room: A6

Robotics (FTC & VEX)
Yolanda Lozano
Room: G5

1st Sergeant A. Griego 
Room: D1

Safe School Alliance
Linda Thompson
Room: Nurse's Office

Science Bowl
Colleen Fordyce
Room: A4

Science National Honor Society
Lena Eddings
Room: B15

Science Olympiad
Tammy Lara
Room: B16

Social Studies National Honor Society
Stacy Jenkins
Room: G7

Spanish Club
Oriana Pino
Room: C10

Spanish National Honor Society
Oriana Pino
Room: C10

Speech and Debate
Jen Pecasting
Speech and Debate Website

Student Senate
Lacee Metzger
Room: Activities Office

Teens in Prevention
Bernice Ulibarri

Steve Pinzone 
Room: A1

The Edition (School Newspaper)
Susan Schripsema
Room: C33

TriM (National Music Honor Society)
Katherine Green
Room: A8

Ultimate Frisbee
Emily Clauss
Room: A6

Mary Robinson
Room: B13

Unified Sports
Marisa Cogan
Room: C5

Winter Guard
John Converse 
Room: A7

John Bryant 
Room: G2
Yearbook Website