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Membership dues for the PTA are $5.50 per person.  In addition, the LCHS-PTA operating budget comes from the direct donations of LCHS parents.  Donations are accepted year-round and can be made payable and mailed to:

LCHS Parent Teacher Assoc.
7801 Wilshire Ave. NE
Albuquerque, NM  87122

Please provide your student(s) name(s) with your contribution as we publish those names in subsequent ForBEARance issues as recognition of their family's support.  Thank you for your part in helping to make La Cueva an EXEMPLARY school!!

Committee Information and Forms

Activities Sponsored by PTA

Practice ACT Testing:
provided two times throughout the year

Community Liaison: 
collects empty ink cartridges & cell phones for recycling

ForBEARance:  Online Newsletter

Instructional Council: 
a parent representative is on this school committee

Quick Reference:
provide this informational tool to parents at Open House

provided throughout the year to staff

Staff Appreciation Luncheon: 
celebrate the staff with an awesome luncheon each fall and spring

Volunteer Committee:
enlist the help of wonderful LC parents to accomplish the above!

Senior Art Award

La Cueva Seniors are allowed to enter one 2D or 3D piece of art that has been created by themselves in the past year. The student does NOT have to be enrolled in an art class to enter.  The deadline to enter will be annonunced soon.  
The top piece in each category will be purchased for $500 each and displayed at LCHS.  Artwork will be evaluated on aesthetic merit, ability of artist, durability of the piece, and conceptual merit, by a select group of judges. This event is sponsored by the La Cueva Parent Advisory Association

2018 Allen Krumm Application.pdf


Allen Krumm was La Cueva’s first principal. A seasoned veteran of APS, Mr. Krumm was appointed by Superintendent Lillian Barna to open the district’s eleventh high school in 1986. Prior experience included posts as principal of Highland and Del Norte high schools and Director of High School Instruction for the East Area. 

Upon Allen Krumm’s retirement in 1989, a scholarship was established in his name to be awarded annually to a graduating senior. This idea originated from Mr. Krumm’s “Principal’s Award,” which recognized a student who demonstrated a potential to succeed and had a financial need. The La Cueva Parent Teacher Association has assumed the responsibility for raising the scholarship funds and for implementing the selection process.

Scholarship Intent

As originally intended by Allen Krumm and his family, the scholarship is to be awarded to a graduating senior on the basis of:

  • Demonstration of personal qualities, such as perseverance, initiative and a willingness to work hard
  • Potential to be a well-respected representative of La Cueva High School
  • Potential to succeed

Scholarship Amount

The scholarship is funded through the LCHS PTA, and the amount of the scholarship(s) can vary from year to year. The amount and number of scholarships available will be announced by the PTA during the spring semester. Each scholarship winner will be notified at the graduation awards assembly. Upon proof of enrollment being received by the LCHS PTA, the scholarship money will be sent to the post-secondary institution of the winners’ choice. 

Application Process

Applications may be obtained in the Counseling Office. Students are required to provide the following:

  • Cumulative GPA (7 semesters) verified by the LCHS registrar and a transcript.
  • Listing of activities (school, community and employment) and an estimate of the time invested in each activity.
  • A paragraph stating the student’s goals and aspirations for the future including school of choice, major or field of study, and other goals (approximately 250 words or less).  The student should include a written statement about how the scholarship will benefit them financially. Please do not include any exact financial information. This is only one of several criteria that are evaluated to determine the scholarship award.
  • An essay, not to exceed two double spaced typed pages, (less than 750 words) on the instructed topic.
  • Two recommendations from adults, other than family members, who are familiar with you and your achievements. One recommendation must come from a LCHS faculty or staff member and one must come from an adult you have worked with in one of your community, employment or extracurricular activities.
  • Completed applications are due in the Counseling Office TBD

Review Process

The review committee will consist of school staff and parents. Applications will be reviewed based on the items mentioned in the section above titled “Scholarship Intent.” Applications that do not follow the specified instructions will not be considered. The scholarship recipient will be announced at the Senior Honors Assembly. 

Incomplete or incorrect application packets will not be considered. Reviewers will look for: correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation; organization; appropriate vocabulary; clear expression; evidence of planning and effort. Only use ONE staple, and submit packets in the order listed on the Application.

DEADLINE: Complete application packets are due in the Counseling Office, due date TBD.


QUESTIONS? Contact Allen Krumm Committee Chairperson, listed in the PTA section of the LCHS website.


Academic Letter

award a letter to Jr. & Sr. students who maintain a 3.5 GPA (view Application)


Academic Letter Criteria:

In order to receive an Academic Letter, students must meet the following criteria:
FOUR SEMESTERS of a 3.5 (or higher) grade point average*
Juniors must have at least a 3.5 GPA in each of their freshmen and sophomore semesters. Juniors apply for their letter early in the fall of their junior year.
FOUR SEMESTERS of 3.5 (or higher) GPA*
Or a
CUMULATIVE 3.5 (or higher) GPA
Seniors must have four semesters with a 3.5 GPA although the semesters do not have to be consecutive. They may also qualify with a cumulative GPA 3.5. Seniors should apply in the fall, even if they anticipate meeting the criteria later in the year.
Academic Letter Stars
After receiving an Academic Letter, a star pin (placed on the letter) is awarded for one or both semesters of the junior year the student achieves a 3.5 (or higher) GPA.* Seniors earning Academic Letters during their senior year do not qualify for stars.
*Summer school sessions do not count as semesters. Transfer grades are accepted.
Teacher and Staff recognition
Students awarded Academic letters and stars in the fall are asked to identify a teacher or staff member currently at La Cueva High School who has been influential in their success. These individuals will be recognized
at the Academic Letter Ceremony.